Intelligent Trash Can

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  • INTELLIGENT SENSOR: This Intelligent Trash Can is the perfect choice for a clean, organized home. With its sophisticated, intelligent sensor system, the can automatically opens and closes, allowing for quick, hands-free disposal of trash. The sensor is highly sensitive and can work even in low-light conditions, making it a great choice for your kitchen or bathroom.
  • MOTION ACTIVATED: Enjoy a cleaner, more efficient trash experience with the Intelligent Trash Can. Featuring a motion-activated lid for hands-free trash disposal, this intelligent device is perfect for a busy lifestyle. Its durable, non-slip construction ensures this can stands up to life's toughest messes for years of reliable service. Keep your space free of clutter with the Intelligent Trash Can.
  • FINGERPRINT SENSOR: The Intelligent Trash Can is a modern solution for keeping a cleaner home or workspace. It features a fingerprint sensor, which allows you to open and close it with the touch of your finger. The lockable lid also helps to keep unwanted debris out, ensuring a sanitary environment.