Portable Dehumidifier With Basic Air Filter

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  • INCREASES AIR QUALITY: The Portable Dehumidifier With Basic Air Filter ensures increased air quality with its basic air filter. It is a lightweight, portable device perfect for maintaining a comfortable level of humidity. It works silently and effectively to reduce humidity in relative humidity of up to 90%.
  • REDUCE RISK OF MOLD: This portable dehumidifier with basic air filter is the perfect tool for controlling excess levels of moisture in your home. An effective dehumidifying capacity of up to 20 pints per day along with the added air filtration system make it ideal for reducing the risk of mold, mildew and allergens. Keep your home comfortable and protected with this powerful and reliable dehumidifier.
  • IMPROVES HOME COMFORT: This Portable Dehumidifier With Basic Air Filter is designed to remove excess moisture from the air, improving the comfort of your home or office. Ideal for small rooms, it features a basic air filter, giving you the benefits of improved air quality. Compact and easy to use, it keeps mold, mildew, and bacterial growth at bay.