Portable Electric Juicer Cup

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  • POWERFUL & EFFICIENT: Enjoy fresh, healthy juice on the go with our Portable Electric Juicer Cup. The powerful yet efficient motor effectively breaks down fruits and veggies. Its portable design lets you take your favorite juices wherever you go. Reap the benefits of getting your daily dose of vitamins and minerals at any time.
  • TASTY REFRESHMENT: Experience the convenience of on-the-go juice with this Portable Electric Juicer Cup. This handheld appliance quickly and easily separates juice from pith and fiber, giving you tasty refreshment with no mess. Perfect for the gym, office, and travel, this cup provides the perfect balance of convenience and nutrition.
  • COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: Enjoy freshly juiced fruits and vegetables with ease with the Portable Electric Juicer Cup. This powerful juicer cup has a rechargeable battery, making it perfect for on-the-go travelers. Compact and lightweight, it can easily fit in a bag without taking up too much space. With an upgraded power motor, you get a quick and efficient juicing process that'll save you time and effort. Stay healthy and hydrated with the Portable Electric Juicer Cup.